Exciting Aqua Skipper, Inflatable Water Sports Equipment Water Bird

Place of Origin: China
ชื่อแบรนด์: Asia inflatable-toy
ได้รับการรับรอง: CE/UL
Model Number: Bike-002
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
ราคา: Negotitate
Packaging Details: 126.5x70x19.5cm
Delivery Time: According to your requirements
Payment Terms: Bank transfer or western union

Exciting aqua skipper, Inflatable Water Sports equipment Water bird


Aluminum and fiber glass material aqua skipper, aqua water bird / water skipper, untimate fun for water sports games

Wing Span 244cm (8ft)
Length 183cm(6ft)
Packing 1 pc / carton
Carton size 127cmL x 72cmL x 19.5cmH
Gross weight 16KG( net weight is 12KG)
MOQ 1 pc
Weight of user Limited weight is 110KG, children under watch by adults
Payment T/T, Wet union, Money gram



1.Fast, up to 17miles / hour (27km/h)

2.Easy to master the using skills, just like riding a bike

3.Portable by bag or carton

4.Special coating, not easy rust even in sea water


Tips for water bird games

1. Water shall be more than 1.6m(5.3ft) in depth

2. One people, one set; two people in one set is very dangerous!

3. Small river is not a good choice, wide lake is perfect

4. No boat and obstacle in sight, water should be clean

5. Sunny day is welcomed and flood in a rainy day is a a terrible disarster

6. Children go with a adults can swim and every one should wear safety suit.



This is an exciting games, but a little dangerous sports games. Any time people should be under watch by workers and should wear safty suits, even for those people can swim.


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