PVC Tarpaulin Inflatable Yellow Water Roller for Kids Pool Water Games

Place of Origin: Guangzhou China
ชื่อแบรนด์: Asia inflatable- toy
ได้รับการรับรอง: CE/UL
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
ราคา: negotiation
Packaging Details: PVC tarpaulin bag or carton box
Delivery Time: As your requirement
Payment Terms: T/T to our company account or Western union
Supply Ability: 3000 pcs/week
Material: PVC or TPU Colours: Transparent, or customized
Accessories: Harness and safety belt inside, repair kits Certificate: CE\UL certificate
Warranty: 3 years

inflatable swimming pools for kids


inflatable pool toys for kids

PVC Tarpaulin Inflatable Yellow Water Roller for Kids Pool Water Games

Next type of water zorb is much different than regular water hamster ball. This type is called human hamster wheel.Human hamster wheel looks like a large hamster wheel which is ridden by single or multiple persons on the water.Human hamster wheel is really fun type of activity, as more than one person can be in the hamster wheel at the same time. Some hamster wheels can be used by up to 3 or even 4 persons at the same time. The purpose of human hamster wheel is to allow person inside the wheel to run on water looking like a hamster in a wheel. Human hamster ball has both ends open, so people can get into and out of the water wheel on both sides. Water wheel is more thicker than regular aqua zorb, because it needs to hold more than one person at the same time. In opposite to regular aqua zorb, persons inside the water hamster wheel will get wet, because usually little water is added inside the water wheel, so people riding the wheel can bounce from one side to another and try to not fall over while riding it. Human hamster wheel can be ridden by children and adults. It is required that everyone riding a human water wheel is wearing a safety jacket. Children inside the water wheel must  be supervised by adults to ensure more safety. Same as with regular water zorbs, human hamster wheels for riding can be found on different water adventure parks.
Water Roller, Inflatable Water Roller are also named Water Roller Ball, Water Roll Ball, Walk-on-Water Roller Ball etc. It is very popular water games between kiddies and adults for sporting and recreation. Widely used for playing center, amusement park, water games, holiday events, swimming pool and seashore scenic spot.



Inflatable Water Roller Ball




2m(6.6ft), 2.5m(8ft),  3m (10ft)Diameter etc.


0.8mm/1.0mm  PVC or 0.7mm/ 1.0mm TPU.(thickness)


Clear(Transparent),Red,Yellow,Blue,Green, Apple Green,Pink, Black,Orange,Purple,etc.

Delivery Way:

By Express,By Air or By Sea .

Delivery time:

According to your requirements





Payment :

T/T, PayPal,Western Union or Cash


Swimming Pool,  Beach, Water Park, Lake, River, Shoaling Water,Advertising Display , Ect.


CE/UL Inflatable Blower or Pump

Repair Kits:

Included, PVC/TPU Material, Zip Oil, Glue. 

Water Roller Product Advantages:
1. Hot Air Machine made in USA
2. High-Frequency Welder
3. Inflated by black air pump.
4. PVC tarpaulin Bag + Webbing Bag
4. Certificate for Water Roller
Usage Steps :
1. Check the roller carefully before inflating it .
2. Use the air pump to inflate it and make sure the air is full enough..
3. Check it again to make sure the roller without any punctures.
4. Let the user go into the roller after checking.
1. Please use it AS A TOY but NOT A Tool walking on water.
2. Please use it at a room temperature to make sure it work well.
3. Always make sure that the product is safe and in good condition before use.
4. Make sure that all safety equipment is tested and found usable before use.
5. Don't use it on river, sea or lake without the safety string attached to a controller.
Maintenance and Storage:
1. Make sure the Water Roller is dry completely before packing it .
2. Make sure the Water Roller is clean before packing.
3. Make sure the Water Roller gets away form spicule .
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